I was warned
Warned against the world,
Against bad friend and
Against them all
I thought I knew a lot
That I could see them all happening around me
But I realized “I was blind”

I once said “Love them all, trust no one,”
I was told, and thought I listened
I continued to give the world my life
I cared, made friends, laughed with people,
Helped, advised, you can mention all of them, and
I even partied with others
Then the world turned against me, friends despaired
I had no one around me
Then I realized I was blind once I gain

After all I’m human
I forgave and moved on
But it started all over again
Yes… I gave all of me yet again to the world
This time I thought I was too careful
That now, I know better coz I learned from my mistakes
I took the world in-
I shared all black, ugly, deep secrets,
Helped like there was no tomorrow,
And made best memories out of small moment
But the world disowned me, again
Oh I realized I’m still blind

Not literally blind but,
Blind to find out who I am,
Blind to know what I’m made of,
Blind to see all the opportunities life presented to me and
Blind for me to see the leading way to my success

I was blind but now I can see