At times I just feel so locked up in my own mind
with no key designed to open the good memories left behind
for no one else to find…
Or will I continue to stay on the grind
Working from 6 til 9 watching precious time just fly by
Who am I trying to fool?
You, me, society?
Yet society showed me that we need a degree,
to put a dot on an ‘I’ and a cross on my ‘Tee’
Isn’t it embarrassing that we are all going in the same direction but not all of us can see?
Studying your whole life but don’t even have a degree.
Trying to speak proper English likeā€¦ How can I serve thee…?
The government locking up our brains that it’s just right that our education should be free!!!
They think I’m a rich man and in my back yard I have a money tree…
Aren’t you sick of all the price hikes?
If it’s not food or petrol it’s Eskom and electricity
You know what really disgusts me?
Is witnessing people driving their fancy cars and noses in the air paying no attention to a man begging for food at a stop light on his knees
Isn’t that a bit inhuman?
Or are we all blinded by our dreams and don’t care to see that we still need to be free to a certain degree
And in today’s life freedom is no longer a luxury but a misery
That you cramp your schedule so much that you forget last week was your anniversary
The corporate world sucking you dry taking no prisoners and YOU become their property
Locked you up and take away all your authority then strip you of your liberty
Then automatically you become the minority
Fighting with all your heart and all your strength till you have nothing left
This whole world is “locked” up with a capital “F”