Thank you Lord for bringing Shailoh into this world
for letting that child breathe the air of us beings
and scent the existence of his mother.
Thank you for thinking so highly of me by giving me him
if ever I get to hold him, make him aware of my unconditional love…
27 Feb 2019

and although I never held you in my hands
or got to carry you around in my arms
I am grateful to have carried you in my belly
now I will carry you whole in my heart
one place I know you will be forever with me,
and never apart.

Too bad the universe didn’t allow us to fully meet but
I am thankful that you stopped by for the short while
maybe two months was not enough,
but still you showed so much love
that you came to see your mother and made her feel alive!

And that’s how far I will ever come
Rest peacefully now.