We all deserve love but we don’t feel the same
You can never love the same way
You love too much
Love can be cruel
I was engaged now I am single again

When you love someone who loves you back, you give it all
The one you love can pretend to be the same
You never know their minds until behaviours change
Everything flows like a river and you know you were loved
When they suddenly stop loving you

The river flowed nicely but now it has cramps
Rocks and stones are in the river making it flow uncomfortably
No wonder they say the one you love most hurts you badly

We can’t control love
It just happens naturally
I can’t love again, I say
But one day I might meet someone who loves
And say I’ve got someone who loves me so much
Until they change the way they love
Is it true love?
No,it’s fake
So love doesn’t exist?
I don’t know anymore
Friends let’s enjoy love no matter what, but love more
Love can be cruel.