I don’t know why I have to sit down
when I talk about lockdown.
Maybe it’s too heavy for me
that’s why I have to take it out.
Lockdown is something
I never expected in life
or ran through my mind.
Now my life has changed
’cause of this lockdown.
I bow to the rules
even if I don’t like them.
They say the majority rules.

I always seek positivity in things
’cause my life has become easy.
Proud to say lockdown taught me
that life is better than everything else.
Family is the only thing that is there
when things disappear.
Lockdown has taught me to love
and appreciate my life all the time.
We lost lives in this lockdown,
so spend some time with the ones you love.

I hate it ’cause it’s now personal.
It feels like there’s a story
behind this lockdown.
The world turns upside down ’cause of a virus.
We don’t know where it comes from.
It’s a fact that we don’t have even one
scientist who can cure this.
That’s why I think it’s here for a reason.
We say truth always comes out,
so I wonder who’s going to break the lies.
Our lives are at risk nowadays
’cause we wonder
what’s going to happen next.
Lockdown is something else
but gather your strength
and stay true to yourself.