How sweet and sound the beginning? “Pssst!”
Like Twizza Raspberry, smooth, it makes you think beyond the ceiling.
The sweet lips, mixed with Zam-buk & Labello.
Because her name is Rose, short and quick like Ray Mysterio.

The ‘promises’ are like making babies;
Easy to make, but hard to deliver.
Pleasure always surprises us with unexpected ‘maybes’.
Maybe, “I shouldn’t have…” that’s the picture we didn’t get.

Maybe I shouldn’t have bought that flavour.
Maybe I’m not good at giving out favours.
Maybe ‘they’ were right, because now… I’ve lost my sight.
Maybe I was blind, maybe I couldn’t steer that ship,
Because that storm made my mood swing, like I’m nine months in.

There’s a season for everything, time for many things.
Give 120% for each season, exhaust all your reasons.
Stop giving up, because that’s the only way up.
Your choices brought you here, now, raise that beautiful cup.