is doing it
in a manner
of speaking

True confessions
to get them a
non-Mandela card

I tell a bit
to a youngster
on assignment
with his mother

Trade Unions
is his topic
and I spill the beans
in the library-local

(I was at the launch)
and now there’s Fedsal
and Zwelinzima Vavi’s SAFTU

(in jest I comment
that both Unions’ headmen
have been a tad naughty)

I tell too that
Cosatu’s present leader
Zingiswa Losi
is the Union’s first
woman president

(saw her
and her twin sister
on television recently)

I tell a bit
and I’m not
even subpoenaed
to do so

‘I did tell my leadership’ says a confessor on morning SAFM radio, on her exit from that ivory tower.