I live in a world full of envy and pain.
How do I differentiate between who is lying and who is trying to better themselves?
I see people trying to fit in by demolishing their own self-worth just to hang out,
with the ‘in’ crowd.

When you are not in their presence, it’s then when they talk behind your back,
saying you are nothing but a menace.
Peer pressure ain’t no joke, ’cause many teens hang themselves using a rope
Many ask, ‘Why am I always alone?’
I always tell them being alone is way better than putting others on a Throne.

Being different is a blessing and curse
‘Cause no 1 understands you and no 1 wants to befriend you.
So You have to rid yourself from the vanity.
Just to hang out with the ‘in’ crowd.
‘Cause It can lead to insanity.

People you thought were your friends might just end up betraying you for a measly 50 cents
You cannot choose family, but friends you can
So open your eyes and don’t be mesmerized by their worldly possessions
‘Cause those will stay when he is dead and gone
So Don’t be an imitator when GOD made you to be an innovator.