Why are allowing the weakest to drink you like water?
Why let the cowards hide behind you?
Why do you permit dishonesty and make them loyal behind you?
The minor fools themselves hope to gain bravery when they swallow you.
The vulnerable, depressed come running to you to ride off their problems.

As day comes by they catch themselves on the very same scene again
Seems everyone wants to fake their identity by drinking you
I’m angry because we used to hide our own problems,
The reality of life on your back
We like to shade our identity using you.

Others went from better to worse.
Wonder why you licensed the unaccountable.
Irresponsible to drink you to their graves.
Saw them drink you to their breakups.
Drinking you and being family victims, reckless to cells.
I’m concern because we drink you for wrong reasons.
We made you hated by our loved ones.
We made you so dirty and the number one human enemy of the century.
If you can catch yourself accused again
Call me, I will be your legal adviser with my paralegal skills.
I will be your witness.