Life is the ability to function and grow,
the period between birth and death
Life is not an understandable thing,
sometimes it is great and painful
We all enjoy good moments
but when things become sophisticated
people do worse things
Life is unfair sometimes
Life makes people cruel
Life cannot be distinguished properly
Brats are killing their parents to own property
Sisters and brothers are abusing their siblings
Albinos are killed everyday
Boys and girls are addicted to drugs
People are alcoholics, girls are selling their bodies for money
Blessers are ruining younger girls’ futures
Things are complicated, our economy is losing money
People are suffering, life is like a jungle out there
Life is dangerous not because of violence
but because of people who watch bad things happen
Let’s put pride aside and help each other
Let’s fight against corrupted leaders
Never stop learning, they say
Life never stops teaching
Friends are killing each other because of jealousy
Youths are killing each other because of dress codes
Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts
Let’s stay united, together we can help each other