I am a woman
I am brave
I am not an object nor a testing tool
I am a woman, girl or lady,
I was created a fragile flower
but that does not mean I should be mistreated

I am a rock, a hard rock that has been hit, kicked
several times but still I stand uncracked
You may try to break me but I am unbreakable
You may use me but inside, I am still strong
I may cry, but know that those tears
are not going to fall for nothing

I am a woman
I bear pain every month
but still stand strong
a woman who brings new life on Earth
I am a blessing to the Earth

We are peacekeepers and we are talented
in many different ways, as we are unique
We are heroines who are not always respected
but we stand strong and continue to live
in this so-called ‘man’s world’
We are treated unequally but
we are still living a happy and wonderful life
as we are strong women.