Dear Father
I believed in a way that you only donated your sperm
As you penetrated into my mother’s womb and I was conceived
Yes you felt the pleasure
As you sexually satisfied yourself not thinking of the consequences,
As you both reached orgasm
I alone felt the pain of not knowing your love
Sad and lonely this road has been for me without you
Not knowing you
Trying to get substitutes for you,
Never succeeding for I never knew you
Growing up as a child I had no-one to call father,
No father’s arms to run to when bullies took my lunch away,
No father’s warmth to help me get up after a heavy fall
In a sense my only father became God
Father, wherever you may be, however you may be,
I still wonder to this very day;
How do you feel looking down on me
And seeing me as the person I’ve become
And knowing that you, my dear father
Had nothing to do with who and what I am?
Father I have always longed to meet you,
Since the moment your sperm fused with my mom’s zygote
Egg fertilised and at a later stage
Into a tiny body that grew to be me
After waiting nine months to finally meet you,
How joyous I was when the day finally came,
As I pushed my way out into the world
Not knowing I’d never know you
From a tender age I despised you
For allowing them to take you away from me
Did you not love me?
I’d ask myself as I cried my heart out
At a better and understanding age,
There is not a day that goes by thatI do not wonder why,
Why you had to leave me to grow without a father
Dear father,
I can never hate you, in fact I love
And miss you, though having not have met you
And seen you with the naked eye