Don’t ask questions like:
Why, where, when and how.
Just let me down,
I’m one with nature now.

I’m one with these rich roots
That comes from this demised soil.
Oh it’s divine!

Let me down and let me rest,
For I am at my final destination

I wanted to heal the nation!
I wanted to build a nation!
But you know how that goes…

Let me down in this forever resting casket
I am no longer breathing,
Reaching, speaking, feeling, loving, moving, caring, smiling or laughing
I’m just peaceful

Let me down for
My life has come full circle.
It’s the inevitable,
We can’t escape this cycle.

They hated me, they loved me,
They hurt me, they healed me,
They laughed at me, they laughed with me,
They cared and they couldn’t care less,
They let me down.

I lived not, I just existed,
I used up this oxygen.
I gravitated towards solitude and
I found myself.

I was serious, I was goofy.
I was introverted, I was extroverted (sometimes).
I was insecure, I was secure.
I lost, I gained.

I was calm, I was impatient.
And depending on the day,
I was impulsive, I was rational,
I held grudges and I let them go.

I made peace with my fate,
With the things that were beyond my control.

(Y’all need to let me down) even though
I was stubborn, call me a rebel
I was scared, I was brave,
I was sad, I was happy,

I was me,
I can honestly say I was me.
I was young, I was old ,
But then I was no more.

When I die
Please tell me you’ll
Let me down with dignity and humility
And let me…
Rest in Peace.