Like a seed in the soil
You grew into a little plant
We watched you bloom your first flower
Watched you grow your first fruit
Watched you through your first summer
We watched you through your life’s pursuit

From a young tree you grew taller
Your branches grew wider
Your roots grew deeper into the earth
Your stem was forever strong
With time your green leaves turned orange, yellow and brown
With time your leaves started to trickle down

One by one
Autumn winds blew,
Whistling melodies of a new time
As your bark started to peel
The birds that found refuge on your branches
Began to flee

As the autumn winds blew
Your colourful leaves trickled down
We watched you lose your last leaf
Watched you endure pain and grief
We watched you wither and wilt

With Winter rains your branches turned to twigs
The bark on your stem has turned weak
But with Spring in mind we disposed of our guilt
Our hearts were filled with hope
Hope to see your flowers bloom again
Hope to taste your fruits again

But Spring never sprung
Chainsaws brought you down
And as you gracefully fell to the ground
Fond memories flooded our minds
We watched you fall from the sky
Now you and the earth are one