When you see me smile and laugh,
it does not tell and clarify that I’m happy,
it does not mean that I am okay,
neither it means my life is interesting.

When you see me laughing in the wind,
when I laugh the laughter laughed by laughters.
It means that I am taking a break.
I free my soul and soothe my mind.

When I laugh in the wind,
I am pretending that everything is under control.
I am letting go the obsession for a moment.
I let the Wind blow with my situations away.

When I laugh in the wind,
this wind I let it be my best friend,
this natural character has no demands to crawl after me…
The forest befriends me and colour my life for a moment.

The birds humms a sweet hymn comforting me.
The cool breeze lifts up my soul and I own this world for a moment.
When I laugh in the wind,
I laugh with hope that my life would be splendid.