Woke up in the morning,
The sky is sad.
No morning sunshine to hit-awaken my face from the sleep.
I started feeling anxious and nervous
My mind became blank
I felt suspicious that something will blow my feelings.

My day became a nightmare
Tears rolled down my chicks
when they told me that my mother is gone.
I sat down in my room
and watered the pillows.

In my mind I imagined life without her,
She was the one who sprang through the hills
and risked life to ensure secured life for me.
The world started to become a heavy burden on my shoulders.
On the road I felt like I’m walking alone in the dessert.

Like a lost puppy wandering
looking for its mother.
The incident has inflicted deep on my heart
and found a soft spot to scratch
for I will never forget
even though I let go.