Beep! Beep!
Is that text message
when I miss you.
Ring! Ring! Ring!
for the “I miss your voice” call.
A pen on the paper,
is for expressing my thoughts about you.
As I try to express what I have pressed deep inside my chest.
I try to hold hands
and look into your eyes.
I see everything in them.

It brings back the memories.
Our love is a Degree that was meant to be.
I remember when I had to cough out my fever,
You were right there…
in the class alone
sitting on the desk.
I came,
sneaking and vibrating by nerves.

I was scared to come close
but your eyes called me.
I stuttered my first “Hello”
and the moment you opened your mouth and said “Hi”

I felt like I’m in a new planet.
When I coughed out my feelings trembling with my lips,
You gave me the chance
and finally said “I love you too.”
Then our love was made.

Our first kiss was a numb teenagers’ kiss
as we were still lost in paradise.
We made love in the classroom.
As I was attending my lessons,
I realised that they justify our love.

In maths I realized that
you and I we’re Sin90°.

In agricultural sciences I realized that
you are the green of my grass.

In geography I realized that
I love you like a morning sun in winter.

In history I realized that
our love story was written long ago.
I didn’t stop there…
In Sepedi I realized that
‘o lehuto la pelo yaka’

In English I realized that
we are birds of the same flock.
In Economics I realized that
you are my valuable asset.
In Life Sciences I realized that you are my DNA.

I passed and went
to the university of my heart,
where I was studying how to love.
I graduated,
and your heart is my degree.
I can’t express all my feelings for you.
Always know that my heart is your castle.