I know that maybe when you were
leaving me you just thought that you
would meet someone who is way better
than me. But no, you didn’t. You just
discovered that there is no one who is
exactly like me and you couldn’t replace
the memories of me.

I didn’t expect to hear your knock on my
door but I rushed to open up the door and
I couldn’t believe my eyes because you
were on my door.

She jumped so unexpectedly into my arms,
she rushed into my lips. Then I threw her in
my bed, and then I closed my door so fast. Then
I rushed into her lips and just when I was
about to take off my vest, something came
into my mind. I couldn’t do it.
She looked at me so disappointedly like why
did I stop but then again I just had to stop.

Although I still love her but I remember
that maybe I’m still not the right man for her.
And then that was the last dance I did
with her and I can no longer afford to see
her. I just stopped myself from talking to her.