Siphebawo Zuzile
The accumulation of facts and an assortment of meaningful ideas;
A blend of charismatic and rational powers to succeed.
A womb of wisdom and philosophies, a building-block of good ethos
An incubator of academic profession, knowledge is power to success.
It is indeed a joint venture of code of ethics and best practise.
“Ukwazi ngamandla empumelelo” (knowledge is power to success).

Knowledge is the manufacturer of good personality.
A workshop of good leadership organised with quality team work.
A guide o grasp the significance of time management in all spheres of life,
An ornament of leadership style and organised skills
“Ukwazi ngamandla empumelelo”

Moreover, it is a key for conflict resolution,
It leads to a corrective decision-making in all areas of life.
It is a good program for job hunting and work in readiness,
A permutation of soft skills that are well acknowledged in the working place,
The life improver and a developer of personal effectiveness and grooming

Knowledge is power! Knowledge is success! Knowledge is liberty!
Knowledge is life! Knowledge is prosperity!
Knowledge opens opportunities!
“People perish because of the lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4 verse 6)