I demand that heavens answer my calls
Or send someone to my home, better yet
Put me through to Jesus himself!!!
We have a lot to touch on so I think
He should visit me and stay overnight. Right!!!

Dear Jesus I have sent numerous emails, prayers and even
Asked my ancestors to intervene but you have since
Hit me and my family with a cold shoulder.
Are you even building a house for us in heaven?
Point me to the land of milk and honey I want to go there.
Do you know that I go to bed hungry?
My mother cries at the painful hands of the “Adam”
That you gave her for a husband.

Each day here at home we watch pots sit in the cupboard
Carrying air and a fantasy of chicken stew.
We watch Mama sew our jeans again.
We don’t go out…we don’t ‘cause we have no shoes.

We tried having faith that someday you will respond to our cries and deliver.
But it’s been 17 years Jesus, a tough 17 years.
My parents thought I was a blessing, and ender to poverty.
And I believed so until I saw the doors of school shut me out with my empty bill.

But dear baby Jesus you were always there to look out for the neighbours
Lol you even gave them a car.
I rather not talk about church because your man…
The man of God raped one of my sisters.

Honestly Jesus you stopped loving me, you gave me the world to carry.
I cannot do that I am weak, I want an honest childhood
Playing from mud to grass.
I hope from now on you will answer my calls.