I’m not an angel, we all know that
I’m not perfect, I make mistakes
But I’m not defeated by all the mistakes I made
because I refuse to be

I wasn’t born to lose
to be destroyed by this life
I’m not defeated by obstacles
because I don’t let them

Yes I fall like anyone
I don’t throw in the towel
but I pick myself up
because I don’t to be defeated by pains of life

My smile doesn’t determine my happiness
because I don’t want to pitied
The wars that I fight aren’t known by people
because I don’t want to be discouraged

I don’t let my mistakes define me
because I know the real me
People can forget my name but I won’t
because my name defines me

I was born to change the world
but I won’t let obstacles stop me
I refuse to throw in the towel even if it is hard
because I know I have the power to be successful

I have what it takes to build my future
as it is unpredictable
I have the potential to make the impossible possible
That is because I believe in myself

People can call me names
gossip about me
make rumours about me
but I refuse to give up on this journey

Yes I’m dark
but I’ve got the light to light my future
Yes I’m a star
but I won’t hide, I’m shining forever

I’m not fighting to be better
I’m fighting to make the impossible possible
I don’t want to sleep forever but dream
No one will ever be me