Why did you leave us when you said I was the reason you smile?
You said I was your heart keeper, I guess I was keeping it for someone else.

You said I was your eyes: when you look through them, you can tell our future.
I guess now I’m your past and you’ve got another pair of eyes.
How many lives you have ruined by telling that lie:
“I love you and I will never leave you and you are my everything”

It’s funny how you move on so quickly yet so quietly.
I guess you’re enjoying every second of it.
You should have told me your real intentions to save both our time.
It’s not even a month we’re apart, already you are having your anniversary with your new lover.

I guess it’s new to me but you knew each other for a long time now.
I used to cry and beat myself for you.
All that is gone now, I wish you well and happy in your new journey.
I so hope you smile and enjoy what life holds.

I’m so much happier without you here.
I’ve got a chance to do all my bucket-list things
And I’m enjoying every moment for your concern.
I couldn’t be much happier, I’ve even stoped crying
I’m always smiling and laughing with those who appreciate me.

I thought it was a nightmare without you
But it turns out to be a sweet dream.
I am smiling, I am shining like never before.
I guess you were holding me back.

I couldn’t shine with you by me.
I could not see my potential as you were in my way.
The most blissful break-up ever.
Now I understand the world because of you.
Now I can stand up and stand out and be me.
Thank you my ex.