I’ve been tightened up
I’ve been fuss and rusty
I’ve been clamped
I’ve been ripped
and torn apart.

Even though I managed to collect my pieces
And be solid human
Even though they thought they finished me
I’m back on track,
Like snowflake in cake.

Dark or blue
I’m red and white
My body made up of bones and flesh
My veins flowing red blood, that’s fall from scars of Jesus’s cross
Yet I’m back stronger than before.

Beating and insults
Made me fall for the moment of time
Teasing and tearing my flesh
Made me heal and grow physically
Made me heal spiritually
Now I’m strong like never before.

Strong is the definition of this incomplete body
Belief is my strength
Jesus gave me strength
He was teased and torn apart
Even through that, he rose again.

Again and again
I bow down and look up to him
Singing and worshipping
Believing in him
He made me rise again.

He rose
And I rose
He never fought back
And I never think badly or take revenge
He stood still and gave all to his father in heaven
When I prayed, I started by calling our father that lives in heaven.

The heavens have heard me crying
The heavens have heard me shout his name
The heavens have seen my sorrow and shame
And now heavens have opened up for me
And now I’m even stronger
His name lives in me.