Treat me like a lady
Like any other lady
I’m you wife, your choice
So why do you treat me like a captive
Handle me like you wife
Not just a sex tool

Treat me like a lady
As I treat you as my spouse
Take me as your wife
As I take you as my husband
Show me some affection
As I know you as my soul mate

You don’t have to menace me
Do you have to growl at me?
Do you have to slap me?
Replace that frown on your face with a grin
Mend the broken pieces of my heart till intact
Fill my heart and soul chambers with joy and harmony

Don’t I look that idyllic,
Don’t I look that romantic,
Just like any other lady?
Do I talk like I have a frog on my throat?
Isn’t my voice like that of a chirping bird
Just like any other lady
My love, treat me like yours