Pain, unbearable and excruciating
A young woman groan, moans
And gasps in agony
She pats her swollen abdomen
The nine month contract is about to hatch

Beads of sweat pop out on her brow
Then trickle and meander down the face
Drenching her clothes
Burdened by the feeling of absurd heat
Never she stops writhing

The midwife commanding her to push
Eventually is a piercing high-pitched
Squall of a new born
This is the visitor
Whom everyone has been waiting for

The fists clenched
Wiggling and grunting is the wee guest
But they clap and ululate
To welcome and respect him

The young woman’s face
Forced to widen into a feeble beam
This is the guest
Whom she yearned to cradle to her bosom