You’re so fat, you’re so dark.
You’re so gay and you’re so thin.
This is our daily bread.
Waking up every day to be bashed by society.
Waking up every day to be called by derogatory names.
We live in a world that’s clouded by hatred
So that they can’t see light in others.

We have been body-shamed and have received all kinds of hate speech.
And yet we still wake up every day, strong.
We have teens finding solutions in suicide.
Finding solutions in overdoses.
Isn’t that message enough?
For we all know people come in different shapes, sizes and colours.

It is OK to be different.
You’re beautiful, let your dark skin shine.
You’re gorgeous, embrace your size.
There is beauty in imperfection.
If there’s not a thing that you could change
Then you’re perfect just the way you are.