7600 is the code,
Stellenbosch the town,
And Kayamandi the location.

A location that has lost its definition,
A location that no longer has a clear direction,
Has no vision and mission.
If I were to compare it to 19 years ago.
A lot had changed,
And it’s all because of this so-called politics.
Political leaders greedy for money and high seats

My hood is not the same,
Kayamandi now is just a name,
Here life is no game.
Life is hard in here.
Reason why
We got e-tolls and patrollers
As we pay on the streets dark corners
Day by day,
On our way to work,
It doesn’t matter if it’s not our pay day.
Give them as they say “sapha” because
With knifes and guns they don’t play…
And it’s all because of politics

That a lot of Youth have lost faith in their dreams
As promises were not kept
To mentor them, pay for better skills
As gratitude for their parent’s vote.
I know a lot of young men and women who wanted
To be soccer players and netballers in profession
But are drunkards with no future today.

A lot of singers, actors, models, poets,
TV personalities, film makers, radio hosts,
Young ladies and gentlemen who were not
Smart academically but gifted in extra mural activities,
People who had given up on their talents and their skills
Because of the empty promises,
Promises that were made years ago
To our parents’ parents that they will get RDP houses
But they are still living in shacks even today,
Promises that were made to our big brothers’ brothers
Now made to us and still not kept.

I’m one of those who had to go outside
My community for recognition,
And I can see that helped me,
As I’m able to tell my pain in words
With ink.
As I’m able to voice out issues that killed my community.
Issues that killed vibe
And the love of Art as we would combine in one place
Listen to itsana zika Qamata ziphilisa
At the same time motivating others
With their pains in the world of Art
But created a high rate of crime activities,
Prostitutes, high rate of pregnancy at the age of 12,
Drug addicts and alcoholics.

And it’s all because of politics,
It’s all because of leaders with no backbones,
All because of leaders with money hunger,
Leaders who are greedy to feed intestines of their big bellies,
Leaders who are not even from Stellies,

It’s all because of politics,
Politics of Kayamandi.
Politics of our Kayamandi that some got killed for,
Killed trying to create a better life in this Kayamandi.
Some got killed trying to fight
Corruption that has set to be an inheritance
From one community leader to another,
It’s more like a legacy.

And it’s all because of politics,
Because of our Kayamandi political leaders
Who now made us see no use in voting,
As voting was something to be proud of back then.