It’s hard to know that
I will never see you again
I will never see your face
I will never see your smile that brightened my day

It’s so hard to accept you’re gone for good
Suddenly I’m thinking
Thinking about the things we have been through
Damn I am missing you, and it hurts

I remember all the things we wanted
I remember all the laugher you brought to my life
I remember all the ideas we shared
I remember all the tears we shed

Now all the memories are haunting me
I am missing you and it hurts
Deep down in my heart, I’m bleeding
It hurts missing you

I used to be your shoulder to cry on
You used to be mine
You were a good friend
You were a good advisor
You were a good motivator
It huts missing you

Now I wonder around
Who will protect me?
Who will love me unconditionally?
Who will be my friend?
Who will be my sister?

Who will I lean on?
Who will mend my wounds?
Wounds of losing you
It hurts missing you