To a lady
Who breastfed us with pride
A mother amongst others
Who has raised the nation
Without discrimination
A role model
With the footsteps, I am willing to follow

You sacrificed your spare time
And used “Another man’s child is
Your child” as your slogan
To make the nation unite
You are an African special star
That makes our country shine brightly

I wonder
Had it not been for your sacrifices
Who would I be?
How would I know about my heritage?
What about my culture?

Your commitment to promoting moral regeneration
and the appreciation of cultural diversity
Has made me the girl I am today
You are a lamp stand
A true icon of our land

You clothed us with strength and dignity
Fed us with love
And made us wear
“My heritage, my pride” with pride

And now
I am the real Indoni
Indoni yamanzi
A beautiful young woman with respect
Dignity and pride
I love you mother Mthembu
Thank you for the love you gave us