Meeting a stranger
And you fall in love with them
You learn to treat them right
You commit yourself and love them wholeheartedly
You give them your all at all costs

You sacrifice a lot for them
You fight and protect them
You ignore silly rumours because you love them
Love is burning in your heart
Your body is spiritually magnetised to that being
Your hearts are automatically connected

Y’all start collaborating in love
Y’all make efforts for each other
Y’all sacrifice for each other
Y’all give your all to your relationship
And all that feels like Canaan
Like paradise, bruuh

Someone named it honeymoon phase
That’s a state that deceives a whole lot of individuals
They’ll start having high hopes
Unrealistic but realistic dreams
They daydream about being in this paradise forever
But they’ll forget that PEOPLE CHANGE
A bad situation is all it takes for you
To see how quickly a person can change

Nobody knew that a chameleon could switch colours
Until it touched an environment of a different colour
When it gets HEATED
When it gets COLD
When it gets REAL
You’ll see who’s real

Remember, “Not all that glitters is gold”
Not all black clouds mean rain
When all that was perfect shakes a little
The paradise phase changes
Into being a real or reality phase
No more dreams, it’s you versus what the universe throws at you
Some will stay by your side till it’s over
But others will run as soon as the first trigger is pulled by LIFE

Nobody ever fell in love and planned a breakup
Nobody ever planned saying vows and exchanging rings only to be divorced
Nobody planned loving someone and later becoming a punching bag
Is that worth it?

Enduring so much pain because of one damn day that changed everything?
Why do our hearts always manipulate our minds?
Then later mock the mind for being stupid?
Our hearts sometimes act as our brains
And mostly we are the dumbest in the game
And that stage also has a name
It’s called the betrayal, dirty and manipulative stage
When only one individual makes efforts for the “us” in the relationship.

Is it worth so much stamina
Much determination and hard work only to be repaid with betrayal?
But rarely honesty and double effort makes that honeymoon phase
Become the new reality

If indeed love is a game
I’d rather play it with someone who ain’t gonna cheat
If love is magic
I’d rather exchange powers with a hardworking magician
And if love is true
I’d rather be with someone who’d add the ‘R into ‘True’
To make love TRUER