My heart will still go on
Now I will cry but those tears will dry out
I will make mistakes but those errors will be corrected
I’m going to hate but it will be hatred one day
Even when I promise, promises can’t be kept too
I’m in pain but the pains will be my source of happiness

Problems that are caused with our mouths can be solved with words too
There is no trip without a destination
Even when my heart is broken into pieces
It can still gain its power to pump
Even when the sunlight visits the dark a way to light there
No matter how many times you step on your shadow
It will always appear when you are reflected
Even when you can break my heart
My heart will still go on

Though memories never fade
Are never meant to be forgotten
But you can easily be released from my heart
If a person is still able to go without legs
So as my heart can…go without you