Remember me as one who hated sin
Hence I would like you to sing
And celebrate my life in dance
As you send me away with a clap of hands

If I die young
I want to be the one she remembers
As one whose peace surpassed that of ambers
As one who was a just son
One who rid anger before the hills
Could devour the sun

If I die young
Let me not die to my countrymen
Let whispered be my name among the old women
Let it not be associated with heartbreak
For it never caused streams of blood
To flow out of precious hearts, turned backs.

If I die young
Remember me as the blacksmith
One that burnt no iron
But chiselled out of a young woman; a heroin.

If I die young
Let my would be smile through her tears
“That was a man, cheers,” she would say.
If I die young