I jest
as we play scrabble
and the youngsters
argue over who
is cheating
and who is not

(is jest not
a wondrous word

In training to be
politicians I say
amusing myself
and adult others
watching the scene
(in the Lansdowne library)

They argue too
at the chessboard
touch is a move
no you did this
no you did that

(did Spassky and Fischer
carry on in this way
in their Cold War epics)

I mean it is merely
a game of chess
(pawns sheltering
their precious king)

(should we call
a crisis meeting)

I mean it is merely
a game of words
(can we play scramble
one or two would ask
much to my hilarity)
In training to be
or not to be

I amuse myself at the local library in the school holidays, whilst our politicians amuse and distract the rest of Planet Earth “Top 6 for Zuma crisis meeting” (Cape Times, 1 April 2016).