Strengthening language
and literacy development
between birth and six years
for the Rainbow Nation’s children

(as you know reading
to toddlers provides
a meaningful measurable boost
to their brain development)

Wordworks does the job
out Woodlands Way
out Lavender Hill Way

(where lavender is
mostly in short supply
though their Home Boyz
are rapping rather than
doing gangsterism)

Parents and grandparents
completing skills training
to assist children with
reading and homework

(many lives changed
parents assisting teachers
and a communication gap
breached between
parents and children)

Wordworks does the job
narrowing the literacy gap

When might the job
finally conclusively
irrevocably irreversibly
ultimately decisively
absolutely be done
once and for all

See two March 23 2016 community newspapers for “Working with words” (Plainsman) and “Wordworks does the job” (Southern Mail, which also tells us of the young rappers, in “Lavender Hill ‘Home Boyz’ choose to rap”). The caption to the picture in “Proved: reading helps kids” (Weekend Argus Classified, 3 May 2015) provided the ‘reading to toddlers’ quote.