I consciously placed my heart in danger
for I adored the pulchritudinous stranger,
Acquaintances chanted warnings and consequences
but I was too absorbed to hear their advice
In my eyes she was nothing but a princess.
In her sight I could quiver
For her beauty flowed fiercely like a perennial river
She was a genteel girl not a despicable diva.
My genuine affection neither faltered nor altered
but her love for me, like despondent leaves, withered.
Our relationship was dying I could tell
but I took no heed for she was a belle.
My smile was no longer returned
She forced herself to pretend
inducing my feelings to get destroyed in the end.
She ditched me as if we never were in love before
I was alone, forlorn, lovelorn and heartsore,
It is love; it is perilous
but we can do nought for it is within us.