Even though he wasn’t there when I was born,
even though he wasn’t there when I started crawling,
even though he wasn’t there when I started talking,
even though he wasn’t there to see me take my first step,
even though he did not see me turn three and four,
he is a hero.
He is my hero.
Even though his world was turned upside down
even though he looks vulnerable, he is strong inside.
He has a heart of a lion,
even though he doesn’t superpowers,
even though he doesn’t have big muscles,
even though everything is against him,
he is still powerful,

Even when my golden lady was taken away when I was young,
he stood strong.
He made me strong when I thought I couldn’t live without her,
she was everything to me.
She was a rock I used to lean on, the shoulder I used to cry on,
the angel that put a smile on my face.
Oh God may her soul rest in peace and
may you make her your angel too in heaven
like she is still an angel in my heart?

My father the hero,
even when it seems impossible
he makes things happen, doesn’t matter how long it takes
he always has a way of saving the day

When things are tough,
he taught me to be tougher.
To know that things happen the way they like,
no matter how hard you may try, but
“you can adjust the sails to reach your destination.”
Work for the best, pray for the best,
expect anything and take what comes.

Not everyone will love you,
and not everyone will hate you.
You can love and never be loved, but always love.
That is what I learnt,
that is why he is my hero.