It hurts so much whilst I’m still in the relationship.
Even if not with you it still hurts.
Exactly why?
It’s all just crazy.

But if I leave you behind.
It’ll be much better.
Because then in time I’ll heal.
And the gossips about meh will end/stop.

Now that I’m in it.
Bonke ababakufunayo seem to shiver.
Bacinga ukuba asoze sohlukane
They make up stories about mna.

Exactly what will they benefit from this?
Nothing at all.
But because they don’t think or
Maybe don’t care.

They’re too blind to see that,
Me and you are like glue and paper
And it does happen to separate.
But they are too stupid to know or notice.

All these miserable things my mother has to hear.
These made-up stories, I have to hear.
It’s all painful and ripping meh apart.
It’s all just crazy.