Visions of Nelson staring at me,
Standing at a perfect angle to see them clearly,
I’m simply standing by – observing the rising divisions,
Doing NOTHING about it…
Damned-deep in his grave,
Nelson must be doing a 3-60
“27 Years for this?”
God must be crazy!
Forget RACISM – talk of hate!
Freedom is claimed – we’re now slaves of our own race,
Dearly black race,
Why do you cover yourself with this blanket of disgrace?
Jealousy, envy turns to grace,
Linguistic boundaries now give off a devious gaze,
In society today – the wage determines your lane,
The product of independence
Perhaps confused with unity-negligence
This is a call to duty,
Captain – your ship’s unruly!
And you know what to do in honour of yours truly,
And all those who helped woo it!