Your house is the pillar that holds
My heart to abstain from evil, for
It makes me forget all the troubles
That pierce on my skin

Your words are always edible to my
Ears for they are sweet and tasteful,
With me being in your house, I shall
Never feel any cold for you are my
Warmth as I rejoice in your house

With me being in the shoulders of
Your pulpit, I shall never sail into the
Valley of any evil spirits for you are

My life that keeps me breathing
Without your being in my heart, my
Life was going to be nothing but a pillar of sand
That Lot’s wife turned into
When she looked back to Sodom and

Without your being in my heart, I was
Going to be Carbon Dioxide that is chased
Away inside the mansion of a nose but
You provided me with oxygen that
Keeps me alive

As Satan knocks on the door of my
Soul, you control my ears to ignore it
As Satan calls my name outside the
Window of my heart, you chase him away