There would be no greener grass, but just grass,
Fairly distributed from one side to the next,
In an ideal world,
After more than two decades of a country’s so-called Freedom,
Poverty would surely be a thing of the past,
Corruption would be lame if not crippled,
For togetherness would be an everyday theme,
There would be no scheming in order to keep tummies full,
Pocket warmth would be less important,
Somewhere far, there would not be an empty belly,
No abandoned child.

In an ideal world,
Leaders of a country would not be cartoons,
Transparent for everyone to see their shortfalls,
In an ideal world,
I would not be intimidated by someone different,
Instead I would embrace the difference to add to my advantage,
Xenophobia would be one of those mythical stories if not a creature,
In an ideal world,
No country’s leader would promote segregation,
Pure humanity would rule everyone’s hearts,
In an ideal world,
Global warming and climate change would be like the dinosaurs,
Only found in fossils,
Fathers would protect and not torment,
Until such a world is realised,
We will remain hopeful,
For our world is not yet ideal.