I am a creep, from the deep
Abandoned here, seeking premonitions
And these lines down my cheeks
Are trails of my brokenness
Skeletons of my frozen tears

Inside my chest,
A broken heart, torn into shreds
And a heartbeat, slowly fading,
Entrapped in a web of darkness,
As I plod in plain plots, past wilting roses
And broken cupids, fallen into dust.
A bird I am, without the wings to fly.

I am a sailor, lost in the dark
smoking seas, as fate drifts my heart
Into unfamiliar shores, hopefully
A new life awaits my pilgrim soul
A kind of warmth,
Enough to melt the wax in my eyes
Blurring my vision.

I am a creep, cast here by fate
Call me a stranger, call me a friend
Or a creep, it doesn’t really matter
My hope has drifted away
On the waves of your stares
Channeling them now into Oblivion
My confidence is slit open
By the sharp blades of your tongue
So I sacrifice my unworthy remains
To the same predators in the shape
Of men, so that I can feel human again.