Know with no reason to love
Yet the reason is love
Love till life says sans life
Let love be love

In this church of love
Where is Wittenberg door
Where Martin Luther nailed his theses
That I too should plant my paper of options
Let not this Catholic of love be of indulgences

Let love be love
Pure as chlorinated water
Live not dead
Let love be real love
Let it be lustrous
Let it be the healer
All in all let it be Lethe

Let love bury differences
Let it murder race, culture and religion
When one in love feels tragic
Let not the other half feel happier
Love death together with love
Love life together with love
Let love be that when its breath springs
Life restoration accounts
Let love be of Romeo and Juliet

Let love be warmer
Let love be cool
Yes warmer than summer yet it cools
Cooler than winter yet it brings warmth
Let love be the centre of happiness
Not the centre of grief