The world looking at
me with disgust and evil
Eyes. The social awkwardness
cause by seeking something
Greater than I or the great
I AM. The potential to seek
Is trapped in me like a
caged animal longing to be
Set free.

The enemy trying to keep
Me on a leash, the more
I resist the harder the
Enemy tries to choke me
With that same leash.

No matter how hard my
Enemy tries to suppress
The potential in me, my
Rib cage is like a ticking
Time bomb waiting to
Expand and explode.

Insanity knocking on my
Mental door step, my heart
Is racing-my body
Is slowly pacing-
Insane thoughts my mind
Starts embracing.

Quite frankly the
Conversations in my head
Are interesting,
it is now all about how to
Seek and glorify the
Great I AM. I feel like
a schizophrenic genius.

There is fuel in my veins
That is igniting this
fire, my bones charged
Up and my spirit
Feeling like a twin
Turbo engine, I simply
Call that godly horse
power. Let your insanity for
GOD drive you!