As I sit here writing this note
Keeping my thoughts, dreams and aspirations all afloat
I think of that one cold day in the future
Looking past my trials and tribulations to get to where I am
Oh how I strived to be perfect
To please everyone, I acted as a xylem
My external untouched; pristine
Broken spirited inside ; unseen

All that was hidden within
It all stopped – the day I came tumbling down
My heart was heavy, I couldn’t handle it anymore
The pain was profound

That’s when He came along the way
He picked me up
Opened my eyes
And showed me the light of day
I felt a strong feeling of outburst
So amazed, I wondered what was next

He made me feel and see the inner me
He made me see my inner being
He encouraged me and told me that I was gonna make it
I won’t try and I won’t believe
Cause I know…
I’m not perfect