Hitting deep,
With echoes that reflect forgotten stories,
Filled with possibilities that seemed too good to be true.
Slithering around my life, yet I seemed to be under.
With my heart filled with a million cracks.
With a toe-step burn in aches of pain.
Like being grabbed in shackles of chains,
That denied me seeing the light of the sun.
Knowing for a fact that the rays
Are tiny images of you.

Angel’s song
With voices reminding me of how pain used to haunt me.
Yet until I saw your beautiful smile,
It made the chains and shackles deprive me of you, Angel.
As a certain verse making me see your pains,
Yet in your heart were hope and rainbows when I entered.
As I felt homeless and I knew your heart
Was the place for my peace and light.
That a queen I found in you.
And a castle is what I want to build,
So we can rule together and live happily ever after.
To a point that all the Disney princesses become jealous of you.
Angel’s song.
Turned out to be the most amazing one,
When I met you.
My Sweet Violet