I got my chance to say goodbye
I wish you lived for eternity
Or at least we could spend a lifetime together
But death has no sense of direction

You wiped my tears
And held me in your hands
You were there for me at all times
And events
I loved you and always will
My dear father who loved me whole heartedly
You were also someone I could share my heart with

You were there at home and school
You never missed my talents
It’s hard to let you go

You taught me love and respect
I wish you were not gone
And I could talk, laugh and walk with you
I really miss you
I know that wherever you are
Your spirit is in perfect peace

I was very happy to know you
No day goes by without your love in my life
I gain courage from you
I wonder If your spirit holds my soul
And your presence of knowledge covers me
Cause they say love starts with nature
And that makes us beautiful inside and out
Just like stars are made to be beautiful