Still missing they think I am;
Brutally abused I was.
Whole night raped, they did;
From head to toe I was beaten.
My head full of blood, I was.

My eyes were taken off;
My dignity taken by force without permission;
Cried and screamed I did;
Head chopped and breast stolen;

My name written with blood;
Killed I was, it won’t change;
I blame no one, not myself;
What I wore had nothing to do with their actions.
I was slaughtered not killed.

My stomach wide open;
My throat stolen;
Eyes and nose gone;
They think I am still missing:
They don’t know I am dead.

Other parts of me, burned;
My hands gone;
My feet gone;
They think I am missing;
They don’t know I am gone.

Every night my mother on her knees
Praying for my comeback;
Tears in her eyes pouring like heavy rain;
Mother, I am gone, I shouted;
But my voice didn’t reach her ears;
Oh my goodness, mother’s love is cure;
But to me is a bed to rest my soul,
No longer the burned body of mine.

Being a female is a crime, I guess;
I was raped
I was killed, wait, I was slaughtered;
I did fight, but I was powerless to beat ten of them.
I cried:
I cried:
I screamed;
But my voice didn’t reach help.

I am dead not missing;
I was slaughtered not killed;
I was raped not only beaten;
I am dead not missing.

I was slaughtered;
I am gone, not coming back;
I am dead
Mom, I am dead;
I am not coming back.
I am not coming back.
I am not coming back.
I was slaughtered.