I remember the time I was still alive
Everybody was showing love
I had a group of five
Friends who were teaching me more about life

Everybody was happy to see me
Even the haters that I had beef with
Weren’t showing hatred anymore
They brought themselves closer to me more than before

Even my wife was happy when I showed up
We used to make love every now and then
Sometimes when I got sick, she would pull me up
And say, “Baby, you are going to be fine”
But then life happens

While I was walking in the street, home
I heard noises but I couldn’t see what happened
But I found myself on the ground and I was alone
I tried to pull up my body but then
I couldn’t raise it up, the next thing people were surrounding me
Feeling sorry for me, some of them asking questions about me

And in that moment I found people carrying my body to the car
I thought we were going home but that place they took me to was far
From home I heard them talking but I couldn’t speak, asking them, where was I?
After a few days I arrived at home but was surprised that everybody was not fine
I took a look at my wife and mom, they were crying
And other old women they were wearing scarves on their shoulders
The next thing I was in the graveyard and I saw my children crying
And I asked myself, why are they crying or did I do something I shouldn’t be doing?

Seeing my family crying hurts me
Hearing my children screaming “daddy”
Doesn’t give me peace it beats me
Because all I wanted for them was to be happy
I wish I could send them a note with the words
“My children, I’m sorry”

I visited my grave
I found lots of grass on it
I fell so badly
Because I thought everybody loved me
But now it is clear I was wrong
Because even the stone with my name isn’t clear anymore
My family doesn’t visit me anymore
The last time I saw my friends was the time they gathered
And put me in my grave

I thought my wife once said “I will love you till a day after forever”
But now she is nowhere to be found
My children don’t mention my name anymore
Have they already forgotten about me?
Or am I important to them anymore?
Maybe their love for me died the day I was buried

My family promised to put a tombstone on my grave
But none of them is talking about it now
To them I’m like a stranger in a ghost life
But when things don’t go according their plans
They call our names and ask for luck
How can we give it to them if they don’t clean our home?
Let me not be an evil spirit and bother them
Let me just sleep on this bush where they left me.
I visited my graveyard