I fell in with both feet
I thought I was clever
Just wouldn’t listen to
Anyone’s advice.
I thought I knew everything,
Just wouldn’t allow correction.

I thought the world was right
Under my feet and I was owner
Of the universe. I didn’t test
The depth of the waters,
I fell in with both feet.

No! I jumped in…
And now I’m drowning. Those
Whom advised me are nowhere
To be seen, those who wanted
To correct me are nowhere to
Be found. Who will help me?

Well, who can help me?
The water runs deep.
I’ve tried to swim to safety,
But there’s no dry land.
This is an ocean,
The waters run deep.
Prayer is the only way out,
But I’m wondering.. ….
“Did God not give up on me
Like everyone else?”

And he says, “My child, I’m
Still here, even though you’ve
Fallen in with both feet…
Forget about your deeds.
There is a way out”
I had fallen in with both feet,
But now I’m saved…
I thank the Saviour.