I keep holding a grudge,
just because of those
who find a reason to judge.
My inside boils,
I ain’t got no peace.
I even fail to do as I please.

I’m in so much pain,
it feels like my joy
went away with the train.
Only one thing is left in my brain.
Why can’t I let myself die?
But I can’t just let myself go down the drain.

I bet I’m suffering from regret.
I need a solution.
All in all I need attention.
How do I make this decision?

The pain within,
I can’t explain what I feel.
I’d rather die inside.
the situation is forcing me
to choose a side.
The pain within
is the only thing I can hide.

First it was the past,
now the future
and I’ve lost trust.
Will I be free of this pain at last?
I’ve got pain and sorrows to cast.